Oksana Teleguz -
a trusted and experienced
expert on life in Spain

  • I have been helping compatriots to move and adapt for more than 10 years
  • Practical experience and extensive contacts in different spheres of society
  • I guarantee my integrity and the integrity of my partners
Оксана Телегуз

Oksana Teleguz -

a trusted and experienced

expert on life in Spain

  • For more than 10 years I have been helping compatriots to move and adapt.

  • Practical experience and extensive connections in different spheres of society.

  • I guarantee my integrity and the integrity of my partners.
I am Oksana Teleguz, a Muscovite. I have been living in Spain for a very long time now, with my programmer husband and three children. My main activity is helping compatriots.

After moving to Spain, I had to try everything on my own experience. Naturally, I hit a lot of bumps and lost a lot of money. But now this experience successfully helps others not to repeat my mistakes.

Now I successfully help people to start a business in Spain and organise their lives in a new place without making the typical wrong moves.
Oksana Teleguz
A small film about me and my social activities in Spain
I have a very large set of tools
how to realise a professional or start a business, how a family can live harmoniously in the Spanish context
How to protect yourself from dishonest intermediaries when moving to Spain and not lose your money
What works in Spain, what doesn't. How to choose the right direction when starting a business, how to open a branch. Digital "nomadism"
Banks and lawyers
How to open bank accounts correctly, trusted lawyers and notaries, peculiarities of inheritance
Study and children
Student visa for a child. How to choose a kindergarten or find a nanny, how to arrange children in school. Where to treat your child
Which clinics in Spain are cheaper, but not worse than German ones, if you need to treat serious illnesses
What are the specifics of life, health, property and other risks in Spain?

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Get to know each other, understand your situation, and ask basic questions. Conducted via Zoom or Google Meet. The duration is about 15 minutes.
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How it works

Duration is about 15 minutes. Conducted via Zoom or Google Meet. We get to know each other, ask each other questions, define your goals in Spain. Then I prepare for you a proposal of what we can do, how long the work will take. I determine the cost of future work for your task.
(situation analysis)
After payment of the invoice (in roubles or euros) we have a briefing. We discuss in detail all the details of your goals in Spain. We determine suitable options for buying property or starting a business. Determine school requirements for your children. We discuss your employment options, etc.
Duration from 1-1.5 hours.
Ready offer
and contract
A week after the briefing you will receive an offer from me with ready-made options for investment in property or business in Spain. Also will be offered a comprehensive solution to everyday issues (rent, school or kindergarten, nannies, translators, notaries, etc.). We conclude a contract. I start working on your case.
From the very beginning, you will have a personal manager who will fully coordinate all matters relating to your business in Spain. You will be able to contact him or her on literally all matters, including dealing with partners.
My social and charitable work in Spain
I am the founder of these projects and invite anyone interested to join them
"The Dar"

A Spanish charity volunteer organisation helps Russian speakers in difficult situations.


Todo Bien!

(It's all right!)

Online platform for mutual help of Russian-speaking people in Spain. Need help? Done. Can you help? You are welcome.



A guide to understand the issues of moving to Spain without intermediaries. Support in closed chat in Telegram.

Get the guide


A production centre uniting Russian-speaking creative people in Spain. Recording studio, events and fairs.


Business Club
I am a mentor for startups, investors, youth, and represent my region.


Oksana Teleguz:
Help cannot be refused

Oksana Teleguz: Ayudar No Se Puede Negar

A frank account of how charity works and what it really means to help others.

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